Should I seek a second opinion if I need dental root amputation?

If you are seeing a dentist for a dental root amputation and you don't agree with the suggested treatment, you have the right to see another dentist. In fact, patients always have the right to a second opinion. The most important thing in any dental emergency is to seek treatment immediately. With today's advances, even if the pulp inside one of your teeth is injured or infected, the tooth can usually be saved.
Seeking a second opinion about a dental root amputation is a good idea, since different dentists have different ways to treat the same dental problem. For a problematic dental root, dental root amputation is one option and extraction (removing the entire tooth) is another. You’ll want to find a dentist with whom you feel comfortable talking and who takes the time to explain the reasoning for his or her recommendations. You’ll also want a dentist who has a lot of experience treating a dental problem like yours.

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