How do I prepare for dental root amputation?

To prepare for dental root amputation, you’ll want to find out more about the procedure from your dental surgeon (endodontist). The dental root amputation process is usually done in several stages, performed on different days. First is a root canal, to clean out the blood and nerves from the damaged root. The dental root amputation involves opening the gums near the affected root in order to remove it. Later the endodontist will place a crown to stabilize and restore the tooth. Ask your endodontist if all these procedures will be performed and how far apart the procedures will be. You’ll also need to know the expected recovery time for each, since you may need to schedule time off work.

Ask your endodontist if the procedures are done with local anesthesia and whether you can drive yourself home afterwards. Your endodontist should ask if you are taking any medications, and for a complete medical history. Even if it doesn’t seem relevant, you should provide a complete list of your medications, including over-the-counter, supplements, and herbal remedies, because these can sometimes affect healing. Some health conditions which seem unrelated to dental problems, such as pregnancy or heart disease, may change the way your endodontist wants to proceed with treatment.

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