When do I need to have my testosterone level checked?

Adam Perzin, MD
You should have your testosterone level checked around the age of 40. Certainly, if you are younger than that and start to have symptoms, if you don’t feel like your energy level and sense of well-being are what they should be, you need to be proactive. It may take a little nudging on your part to get your doctor to order what might be a very important test for you.

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Harris H. McIlwain, MD

If you are age 40 and above, or if you are having symptoms such as lack of energy, fatigue, or reduced sex drive that be related to low testosterone, having this level checked by your doctor is important.

When testosterone levels are found to be low, treatment with doses of testosterone to bring levels back to normal can improve the amount of muscle mass, improve strength, and improve libido. It can help improve bone mass and prevent or treat osteoporosis. Along with these changes, there is usually an improvement in the overall sense of feeling well.

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