What is endocrine disruption?


The endocrine system is the body's complex array of hormonal messages that affect almost every bodily function, including our reproductive health, thyroid gland, nerves, and immune system. Many industrial and pharmaceutical chemicals distort the functioning of the endocrine system. Research on endocrine-disrupting contaminants (EDCs), also called ecoestrogens or exogenous estrogens, is now revealing environmental threats to women's health.

Breast cancer and other cancers in women, breast milk contamination, and other reproductive problems (such as endometriosis, miscarriage, and tubal pregnancy) may be related to EDCs in our food supply, air, and water; in industrial waste discharges; and in many synthetic household and personal-care products. These substances mimic, block, or alter the body's normal estrogen functioning, thereby putting women at risk for disease. Most scientists agree that breast cancer risk is affected by how much estrogen we have in our bodies and for how long over our lifetime. If the body's own "natural" estrogen levels are increased or changed in some way by chemicals that act like estrogens, our risk of breast cancer, endometriosis, and other diseases may go up.

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Your endocrine system works with your nervous system to control important bodily functions. The endocrine systems responsibilities include regulating growth, sexual development and function, metabolism and mood. The endocrine syst...

em also helps give your body the energy it needs to function properly. Endocrine glands secrete hormones into the bloodstream. Hormones are considered chemical messengers, coordinating your body by transferring information from one set of cells to another. Your endocrine system health can be affected by hormone imbalances resulting from impaired glands. A hormone imbalance can cause problems with bodily growth, sexual development, metabolism and other bodily functions. Endocrine system diseases or conditions include diabetes, growth disorders and osteoporosis.

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