Should I take hormone supplements to slow aging?

Dr. Michael Roizen, MD
Internal Medicine
The problem with hormone treatments is that many of the hormones that might be used as supplements -- with the exception of estrogen and progesterone -- either have not been very well studied or are known to have serious side effects. For example, anabolic (meaning "tissue-building") steroids, the kind of hormones athletes are barred from taking, do add muscle mass but also cause all kinds of problems -- everything from skeletal deterioration to aggressive "killer" psychosis. Some hormone replacement therapies can even cause cancer. Hormone systems are "level-sensitive," so taking more than your body is designed to handle is unhealthy for you. In fact, for most hormone systems there's a disease that comes from having too much of the hormone in the bloodstream, as well as another disease that comes from having too little. No matter what you think about aging, it is best not to put something into your body that might be harmful.
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