Is testosterone an effective anti-aging treatment for men?

Arthur W. Perry, MD
Plastic Surgery
Testosterone declines with aging in both men and women. When men are administered testosterone, their strength and muscle mass, bone density, energy, mood, and sexual and immune functions increase, according to Anne Cappola, M.D., endocrinologist at the University of Pennsylvania. However, there is an increased risk of benign prostate disease (BPH) and prostate cancer, plus an increase in red blood cells (polycythemia), male breast growth (gynecomastia), and heart disease.

At this point in time, we are at the early stages of testosterone research as an anti-aging treatment. The National Institutes of Health is still trying to determine whom to study and how. We don't know how much drug to give, how to administer it, when to start and stop the drug, what side effects to watch for, and what other hormones will be affected.
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