What should I know about Saizen before taking it?

Before receiving Saizen (somatropin), you should know that it may interact with other medications. It could also cause you to have further health problems if you have vision problems due to diabetes. If you are being treated for cancer or tumor growths (particularly in your brain) or are allergic to somatropin, you should consult with your doctor before receiving this medication. You should also know that Saizen contains benzyl alcohol. If you have an allergic reaction to benzyl alcohol, you should not receive Saizen.

If you have Prader-Willi syndrome, an underactive thyroid, leukemia, spinal problems, kidney or liver problems, adrenal or pituitary gland problems, premature epiphyseal closure (incomplete bone growth), are obese or have a serious sickness due to complications from a trauma, surgery or respiratory failure, receiving Saizen might worsen these conditions. Consult with your doctor about your health concerns before receiving Saizen.

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