What drugs may interact with raloxifene?

Several drugs can interact with raloxifene, so make sure your doctor knows about all medications you are taking, as adjustments to your regimen may be necessary.

A type of drug called a bile acid sequestrant -- including cholestyramine, colesevelam, and colestipol -- may decrease the amount of raloxifene your body can absorb, so you end up getting a lower dose of raloxifene than you should. There is also an interaction between the thyroid hormone levothyroxine (typically prescribed if your thyroid is underactive) and raloxifene. In this case, the raloxifene decreases the amount of levothyroxine that your body absorbs, so you are getting less levothyroxine than you should.

An interaction between the blood thinner warfarin and raloxifene is also possible. People taking both drugs together should have their bleeding time monitored closely by a doctor.

Women who take raloxifene before menopause should use nonhormonal birth control, like condoms. Hormones in birth control pills may reduce raloxifene's effectiveness.