What is emotional health?

Emotional health encompasses the capability to manage and cope with life stressors. It is the ability to bounce back from difficult times with strength and resilience. Emotional health involves understanding how emotions affect your life and how you can use healthy coping skills to help you reach your full potential. Below are five principles that you can apply to your life to boost your emotional health:

1.      Believe that you can overcome life's setbacks.
2.      Know that you are not alone.
3.      Believe in yourself.
4.      Practice forgiveness.
5.      Live for today.

The principles above are basic emotional health skills that are transferable to a variety of situations and better yet, they can last the duration of a lifetime.   

Emotional health is a state of wellbeing based on the ability of your emotional system to interact with and adjust to your environment. Emotional health is not gauged solely by the absence of anxiety, depression, psychological disorders, or negative emotions, although these factors often negatively affect emotional health. Emotional health is also affected by your ability to identify and convey your emotions as well as your ability to influence the frequency, intensity, and manner of expression of your emotions.

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