How can my environment affect my behavior?

Kate Myerson
Nutrition & Dietetics

Environment has a big impact on our behaviors, think about how your environment has changed since your grandparents’ time. Did she have convenience stores and fast food on their way from work? Did they have all the processed foods in the grocery store? Did they have the ability to drive anywhere they wanted to go or did they walk? We can't always change the environment around us but there are some things we can change. If we can surround ourselves with healthier options, like fresh fruit on the table or cut up veggies in the fridge or laying out our workout clothes.

Ellen Whitehurst
Health Education

Take the holidays for example, Thanksgiving can be stressful, but by simply making a couple of physical changes in your dining room, it can ease the stress and add abundance.

Feng Shui says that having a decorative mirror hanging in the dining room literally ‘doubles’ your abundance.  On Thanksgiving Day you can actually exponentially increase reasons to be grateful as well as increasing incidences of abundance simply by increasing what you’re reflecting on - of course I mean that literally and figuratively as well.

Let me explain.

Spending serious time counting your blessings is believed by many Mystery Schools to create many more opportunities to express much more gratitude for beautiful blessings that are yet to come.  Through your gratitude you are creating more opportunities to embrace more blessings.  But this is not just about paying lip service through a snappy ‘Rub a dub dub, Thanks for the grub, YAY GOD!’ sort of thing (although that always made my grandmother laugh whenever one of us said it at the dining room table, which is, you know, exactly the reason we would)  No, what I am talking about here is truly FEELING an immense and almost holy and profound sense of blessing and gratitude for every bit of abundance in your life.

But there’s another way of reflecting blessings that promise a plethora of same as well.

Feng Shui portends that putting a mirror UNDER a seasonal centerpiece symbolizing the harvest and abundance of the Thanksgiving holiday will magically manifest more to be grateful for!  Go ask Alice.

Either way you go, reflection should be at the tip top of the menu this Thursday.  Tomorrow - what should go last so you can eat your just desserts!  XOE

Kelly Traver
Internal Medicine

Environment is a crucial piece of the puzzle when you look at behavior because your brain reacts profoundly to its surrounding environment. One of the main reasons you are not simply predestined for a particular behavior by your genes is that your environment can turn those genes on or off; when you learn how to optimize your environment, you learn how to make behavioral change easier and more successful.

Your environment has a powerful impact on your behavior. Genes are turned on or off based, to a large degree, on what's right around you. Set up your world so that it encourages healthy living.

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