How can I become aware of my unconscious nature?

Jacob Teitelbaum
Integrative Medicine

Although there are many tools for becoming conscious of parts of your self that are unconscious, I have two tools that are my favorites. The first is what I call the “pointing finger.” The Chinese have an old expression: “When I am pointing at you with one finger, I’m pointing at myself with three fingers.” Try it and you will see that it is so. When you point to somebody with your index finger, your third, fourth, and fifth finger are pointing back at you.

The pointing finger can be a powerful tool for self-exploration. Start to keep a journal of the qualities you accuse others of having. Do you frequently find others to be selfish, greedy, vain, etc.? If so, the qualities you see and dislike most often in others probably reflect part of your unconscious nature. In the beginning, you may think this to be impossible because we overemphasize the opposite of these characteristics in ourselves to help them stay unconscious. Nonetheless, you will find both qualities to be present, and in time you will be happy that they are. Until then, try to keep your sense of humor and not take yourself too seriously when you begin this exercise.

Although not everything that annoys us necessarily reflects who we are (or has to be taken on now), many of them do

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