Can employing small rituals to food help me be happy?

Ellen Whitehurst
Health Education

It can put your intention out there. Try this simple recipe for happier days.....

Or at least they will be if you make and sprinkle some of this HAPPY TIMES powder. Look, we’re all hot but what’s the sense of bitching about it when we can make our places so freakin’ cool? Just remember that this powder’s HAPPY TIMES name might not actually reflect your current reality but it can call and create them in the immediate…so, whaddaya waiting for?

Powder and blend the following ingredients together: ground strawberry leaves (I dry them in the sun so they get good and crunchy and are much easier to ground up!) dried and powdered vanilla bean (ditto) and finely grated orange zest. Sprinkle the powder all around the perimeter of your living space as well as behind doors, in corners and even drop a little down the drains.

Know what happens then?

HAPPY TIMES! Changes of luck, improvements in fortunes and increased joy!

Now that’s sooooooo COOL!

Just like us!   

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