Why should my child have access to text messaging in an emergency?

Shawn Edgington
If your child is ever caught in an emergency situation, text messaging is the technology you want them to have immediate access to. The technology associated with mobile messaging offers benefits that phone calls can't, such as:
  • Your teens might not be near a landline, but you can be sure they'll never be without their cell phones.
  • A text can be executed silently and instantly, which allows a text to be sent when silence is critical to safety.
  • Texts require less battery power than a wireless call, so if the phone's battery is too low to make a call or landlines are down, and/or there's a low wireless signal, a text can still be sent.
  • Text messages can be sent to multiple family members at the same time, instantly letting everyone know where they are, if they're in trouble, and what their present situation is. Having the ability to respond instantly to an urgent request for help is critical to both the sender and the receiver.