Are the benefits of recreation therapy mainly psychological or physical?

Lakeshore Admin
According to the experts at the Lakeshore Foundation, the greatest benefit of therapeutic recreation is on the mental health side.

Recreation therapy programs can:
  • increase self confidence in any participant, which can make other aspects of rehabilitation seem much more attainable.
  • help treat psychological aspects of traumatic brain injury and post traumatic stress disorder among injured military.
  • help patients from a military background, who were trained to be strong and not to show defeat, face their injuries and feel that they are taking more control of their own recovery.
  • offer a fun but therapeutic escape from the constant medical appointments and identification with the injury.
  • let the family spend time together and relate outside of the context of daily challenges.
  • allow participants to look ahead and see that “life is not over because I have been injured, it can continue.”

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