Is impetigo a complication of eczema?

Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)

Impetigo is a complication of dermatitis that produces open sores and fissures when skin gets infected. The infection is usually spread by scratching an itchy rash, sore, or infected area and then touching other parts of the body. It is caused by bacteria and can spread from one area of the body to another. It is also contagious to other people who come in contact with the infected skin or clothing of someone with impetigo. You can prevent impetigo by not scratching sores or a rash. Keep skin clean and cover up scrapes, cuts, sores, and rashes. Make sure to keep your fingernails short to reduce breaking the skin around the infected area. Impetigo may be treated with either an antibiotic cream or an antibiotic pill or liquid. Consult a dermatologist for more information.

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Dr. Michael Roizen, MD
Internal Medicine
If you ever need to clear out the sandbox fast, send in a kid with impetigo. Those hallmark oozing vesicles that leave a honey-colored crust that looks like you forgot to wipe your face after a snack are caused by the toxins staphylococci bacteria produce. The infection is quite contagious, and you get it when the bacteria are transferred from an infected person or a contaminated object directly into broken skin. Anyone with a break in the skin can get it, including people with eczema, or atopic dermatitis.

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