How do I manage my eczema on a daily basis?

Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)
To manage your eczema on a daily basis, be sure to follow your dermatologist’s treatment plan and use all medications that he has prescribed. Let your doctor know about any changes in your eczema. Your doctor may recommend making time for relaxing activities each day if stress triggers flare-ups. He may also ask you to keep a journal so you can figure what sets off your eczema flare-ups. Other steps you can take to manage your eczema include keeping your fingernails short, taking cool baths using mild soap, and wear cotton clothing with a smooth texture.

Ask your doctor about the best treatment strategies for your eczema. 

Managing eczema on a daily basis requires a better understanding of the disease, a good relationship with your doctor and a joint effort to identify the triggers that are causing your flare ups. Regular skin care is also important. A daily regimen that involves bathing with milder soaps and using a moisturizer can make a world of difference. So can bathing less often and simply drying off with a softer towel. Common triggers include stress, irritating clothing and changes in humidity. If you begin to notice that your eczema flare ups are linked to any of these triggers then you can begin to take steps to avoid them.

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