What dosage of echinacea supplement is typically used for children?

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  • Children (under 18 years old):

    Note: Increased risk of rash has been reported after the use of echinacea for cold symptom treatment in children aged 2-11 years.

    • For treatment of the common cold or ear infection, there is no proven safe or effective dose for echinacea in children.
    • To treat whooping cough in children 14 years and younger, 1-2 milliliters of squeezed aqueous extract (0.1 grams per two milliliters) has been injected into the muscle twice daily for 3-21 days. However, safety information on injecting echinacea into the muscle is limited, and so this method of administration should be used with caution. Echinacea preparations given through intravenous feeding tubes are no longer approved for use in Germany and are not available commercially, due to reports of severe reactions.
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