Is there a benefit to eating more meals daily, right up to bedtime?

Neal Spruce
Neal Spruce on behalf of dotFIT
Once you know how many calories you are allowed daily to achieve your goal, you want to spread them out as much as you can. Having a last meal before bedtime is fine as long as it’s a part of your allowed calories. And it may be helpful if a late night snack helps you stay on goal. The bottom line when it comes to the relationship of meal timing/frequency in maximizing fat loss or weight control is to eat your total allowed calories in as many meals as are practical within your lifestyle.

By spreading your meals throughout the hours spent awake (in which the last meal can be immediately before bed as long as eating right before sleeping does not affect your sleep or upset your mate) you accomplish two important requirements for weight control/fat loss: (1) satiety: because you are not going so long between meals that you end up making a poor next meal choice, and (2) every time you eat (as long as the meals are healthy and sized within caloric limits for fat loss) you fire up your metabolism in order to digest the food. But more significantly, by eating many times throughout the day, you will end up with longer lasting daily energy, which will naturally increase your daily activities.

In other words, you will want to move more as opposed to typical dieting, which generally leads to lethargy causing you to move less thus burn less, and ultimately slow your potential weight/fat loss.

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