How can I resist junk foods?

Manuel Villacorta
Nutrition & Dietetics
Here's something I wish I could tell every dieter on the planet: Never, ever depend on your willpower. Ignore anyone who tells you to "just be strong"! We are all triggered by stimulus control: smell, sight, sound, and our learned reward pathway mechanism. Our environments are powerful triggers, and we are biologically programmed to respond. You need to know your triggers -- even if it means making a list of them. Then you need to do whatever you can to control that environment. So if everyone at your office gathers for a 3:00 pm candy bar at the vending machine, you can't stop them, but at 2:55 pm you can go for a fifteen-minute walk and avoid seeing it, hearing about it, and giving in to it. Take control. Take a walk and use this time to enjoy a snack you love, that you've worked into your weight loss program. Always remember that you come first. And remember, too, that in order to be successful, weight loss has to be in your top three priorities of actions during your day.

If you can't control yourself and can't limit yourself to twenty chips with your sandwich because you end up eating the whole bag, you can come up with a policy. Something like, "I will have chips when with friends and we share the bag." Or, "I'll have the chips but I'll split the bag into five small Tupperware containers, only bringing one per day to work." Being conscious and conscientious about what -- and how -- you consume is an important tactic in achieving your weight-loss goals. I don't recommend keeping any food at home that triggers you to eat more than the portion suggested.
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Junk food companies invest millions in developing addictive munchies that capitalize on our weakness for fatty treats. Have one potato chip, and the next thing you know, the mouth feel and strategic salty goodness compel you to finish the bag. The solution: Don't start. Avoid processed and deep-fried foods whenever possible.

Try the Mediterranean diet, which consists of generous amounts of olive oil, fish, unrefined grains, fruit and vegetables; moderate consumption of dairy in the form of cheese and yogurt; and low amounts of meat products. One reason it works is because these ingredients, prepared well, can be quite tasty and satisfying.

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