How can mindfulness make us eat healthier?

JJ Virgin
Health Education
Focusing on what we eat and being completely present means we’re less likely to absentmindedly devour that half-eaten pint of butter pecan during an 11 p.m. freezer raid. We’re less likely to overeat, but we can enjoy our food more. Mindfulness is a practice easier to write about than actually, well, practice. I recommend trying it for one meal every week -- simply be completely present and don’t let digital or other distractions come near the dinner table -- and increase that mindfulness until it becomes a daily habit.
Elissa Epel, PhD, MS
Integrative Medicine

Mindfulness allows you to focus on what and how you're eating instead of on other things like stress, says Elissa Epel, PhD, a stress and obesity expert at the University of California, San Francisco. In this video, she explains.

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