How should I give into a craving for something sweet?

Ignoring a food craving  may lead to backlash. If you feel deprived, you might overindulge in the craved food. Instead, go for the lowest-fat, lowest-calorie item in the category you're craving. If you find yourself wanting chocolate, for example, opt for nonfat chocolate frozen yogurt instead of chocolate cake. If faking it doesn't work for you -- say you're still craving something truly decadent, such as peanut butter chocolate ice cream -- go out and get some. Just order from the kids' menu. You may also choose to have a small amount of high-quality chocolate.

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Carol Cottrill
Nutrition & Dietetics
Taste and pleasure are more essential to life, metabolism, and our natural weight than we could have ever imagined. If you're going to respect a craving -- do so with pleasure.

In an intriguing animal study, scientists surgically destroyed the nerve centers of rats’ brains that enable the animals to taste. One group of rats was left without the ability to taste their food; the control group consisted of a second group of unaltered, healthy rodents who could still enjoy their meals. The two groups were fed exactly the same food, ate the same amounts, and were treated by researchers otherwise identically.

Eventually, every rat that couldn’t taste died. The scientists, who wanted to know the cause of the deaths, performed autopsies on the rats. The autopsies found that even though they had eaten the same healthy amount of food as the rats that thrived, the surgically altered rats had died of clinical malnutrition. Their organs had wasted as if they’d been starved. They died because they couldn’t taste -- therefore enjoy -- their food. 

Yes, this concept takes some getting used to, and it takes time to unravel twisted and disordered eating habits. Living without the dogma of a diet and instead learning to stand on your own in authenticity, balance, moderation, and self-disciple is not the easy way out but is rather the long way home. But it is the only sustainable approach to weight management and pleasure!

Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)
If you're going to eat something that's bad for you, enjoy it, savor it, roll it around your mouth. I suggest taking a piece of dark 70 percent cocoa chocolate and meditating -- as a healthy stress-reliever and as way to reward yourself with something sweet. If you can find small ways to make your brain feel good and increase serotonin, your brain chemicals won't plummet and encourage you to scavenge for anything you can find. It's okay to eat bad foods -- every once in a while. It's not the first piece that's going to Shamu you; it's scarfing down the whole bag that will.
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