What are some healthy choices at Vietnamese restaurants?

Marisa Moore
Nutrition & Dietetics

Vietnamese restaurants offer a blend of unique flavors and many options for the health-minded diner. Try these healthier options next time you venture out:

  • Canh chua tom (spicy & sour shrimp soup)
  • Goi cuon (fresh spring rolls) instead of the fried ones Cha gio
  • Bo xa lui nuong (grilled beef with lemongrass and vegetables)
  • Ca hap or Ca kho to (steamed fish dishes)
  • Rau muong xao toi (be sure to ask the chef to go easy on the oil in these sauteed greens)
  • Lychee (a tropical fruit)

Trying out new cuisines can be a fun way to get to know different cultures. Take this list with you to ensure you stick to your health goals along the way.

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