When should I call the doctor about my child’s earwax?

Call your child’s doctor if your child has:

  • Bleeding or pus draining from the ear canal
  • Any hearing problems
  • Ear pain
You should call the doctor about your child's earwax when you think your child isn't hearing as well. That is a good time to call the doctor for assistance in cleaning out your child's ears. When earwax gets packed in tight, it might affect your child's hearing. 

Earwax is a normal product the body makes, and its job is to help clean the ear canals. Sometimes, people make a lot of earwax, and it can get packed in. It is not recommended to use a Q-tip to clean your child's ears because you might just push the earwax farther back, packing it tightly. In addition, you could accidently burst the ear drum.

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