What is an ear examination?

An ear examination, also called an "otoscopy," is a visual examination of the outer and inner parts of the ear, including the eardrum, using a medical instrument called an otoscope that is equipped with a light. Doctors and other medical professionals may perform an ear examination to find the cause of pain or other symptoms affecting the ear. An ear examination can help a doctor diagnose the following problems:
  • infection of the outer or inner ear
  • dental problems or teething in young children
  • foreign objects in the ear
  • injury to the ear 
  • hearing loss
  • fluid in the middle ear
  • cholesteatoma (a skin cyst in the middle ear)
  • perforated eardrum
During the examination, the doctor may carefully remove excess earwax in the ear canal if it is blocking the view of the eardrum.

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