What is microtia?

Microtia is the name for a disorder where the ears are not fully formed. Small flaps of skin protrude where the ear should be. Ears can be created through surgery.
Stuart A. Linder, MD
Plastic Surgery

Microtia can be defined as a lack of development of the ear (auricle). This is a congenital deformity where the ear is often underdeveloped. Complete absence of the ear is referred to as anotia. It occurs in about 1-8,000 births. The right is more commonly affected than the left. Increased incidence in babies born from mothers taking Accutane. Hearing testing must be done and CT scans at 5 years of age to evaluate the middle ear. Reconstruction usually occurs at the age of 6 and up to allow for the use of rib cartilage for molding a new auricle. 

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