How often should I drink water if I have dry mouth?

Frequent small sips of water can alleviate dry mouth. Chewing is the most efficient way to stimulate salivary flow by causing muscles to compress the salivary glands and release saliva. If you are having trouble producing saliva consistently, your doctor or dentist may recommend use of an oral rinse or artificial saliva. There are also prescription medications available to treat dry mouth.
If you have dry mouth, you should drink water throughout the day. Taking small sips throughout the day can help your mouth feel better. When you are having a meal, try to take a few sips as you are eating. This can help make your food easier to chew and to swallow. If water is getting boring, try sugarless caffeine-free drinks as alternatives that have a bit more taste to them.

If you have dry mouth, or xerostomia, try to drink plenty of water. Some doctors recommend drinking water at regular intervals, as well as while eating. Of course, your ability to continuously sip water depends on your lifestyle, so do take that into account. Try to avoid caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco as well.

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