Can dry eyes be prevented?


Dry eyes may sometimes be prevented by avoiding the environmental factors that contribute to the condition and by taking precautions to protect your eyes. Smoke and wind can cause dry eyes or make them worse, as can high altitude or dry conditions. You can also take simple steps to protect your eyes such as blinking more frequently, particularly when reading or working with a computer screen, wearing sunglasses or goggles and, if you smoke, quitting. But some causes of dry eyes, like hormone changes, can't be prevented.

Additionally, research has shown that omega-3 fatty acids may help keep your eyes moisturized. There are several foods that can add more of these acids to your body, so changing your diet may help your dry eyes. Eating many types of fish, including tuna and salmon, canola and soybean oils, and walnuts can help add omega-3 fatty acid to your diet.

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Dry eyes sting, they are uncomfortable, and they occur for many reasons. Dry indoor air in winter, too much time staring at a computer screen-these are just two of many scenarios that cause dry eyes. It's a disorder created when y...

our eyes don't provide enough tears to moisturize your eyes. Dry eyes are more common in women, and especially in menopause. Some diseases like rheumatoid arthritis cause dry eyes. Artificial tear drops and ointments can help, so can prescription eye drops.

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