How can I make sure my teen avoids drunk driving on prom night?

Michele Borba
Use a news story to connect the dangers of drinking and driving to a real issue. Our “lectures” or talks about what happened in the “old days” don’t connect with teens, but often actual events do. So try combing the news to find a real story as your talk opener. “Did you hear sad story about what happened to the teens at their prom night?” (Unfortunately there are tragic stories every May and June about teens in car crashes so search the news.) Talk about how drinking and drugs can cause you to lose your inhibitions, do things you might regret later, and even lead to accidents and death.

Cut out the driving. Consider renting a limo or designating a driver who is not going to drink. I swear the best money spent on prom night is not the dress or tux or hairstyle but renting a limo. It’s safer and more fun to share the cost as a group, and also gives parents peace of mind.

Limos might be costly, so what about a “cool” older brother or cousin serving as the designated driver for everyone?

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