What is lucid dreaming?

Lucid dreaming is a situation where the dreamer, while in the middle of a dream, recognizes that he or she is in the dream. In many cases these lucid dreamers can then perform amazing tasks i n their dream world such as flying, being super strong, etc. In some cases, when being studied in a laboratory, the lucid dreamer can send a physical sign to the researcher to let them know that they are aware that they are dreaming (e.g., sending eye movement signals). There is an entire school of research that investigates lucid dreaming, and we can definitively say that lucid dreaming is NOT an out of body experience. 

When you dream, you typically don't realize you are dreaming. The events in your dream feel real, no matter how fantastic they may be. You wake up and wonder how those ideas came into your head and what they mean.

In a lucid dream, however, you know that you're dreaming. There is a moment of clarity where you know that you do not, in fact, have wings, and that there is no way you could be having dinner with Marilyn Monroe because she is dead.

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