Why do I dream about losing my teeth?

Dreaming about losing your teeth is actually one of the more common stress dreams reported in dream literature! While there is no definitive data to prove this, dream researchers think that this is a representation of stressful events where someone is either keeping a secret from someone or is nervous about a physically painful event that is about to occur.

Lauri Loewenberg
You're not alone, the teeth dream is super common and in my research is one of the top 10 most common dreams we all get. I've found that the teeth dream - whether you are losing your teeth or whether they are crumbling - can be connected to the way you have communicated recently in waking life.

Notice how, when you lose your teeth in a dream you try desperately to put them back in. Odds are, the day before the dream you probably said something you shouldn't have, something you wish "you could put back in your mouth," just like you were doing in the dream.

When your teeth crack or crumble, that is often connected to weak speech. You may get that dream when you don't feel you made your point or you did not communicate effectively.

Teeth dreams are good for you because they are helping you to become a better communicator.
Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)

It's one of the most common dreams around: losing your teeth by the bucketfuls. I'm not a dream psychologist, so it's not my place to suggest that such dreams are symbolic of your chaotic life. Some people also believe that these dreams indicate you're a tooth grinder.

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