What causes diverticulitis?

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    You have three layers in the walls of your intestines. Where there's a little break between muscles, feces can squeeze into the gap and become as hard as clay. When that happens, the small out-pouches (they look a little like small thumbs poking out of the side of the colon) can get inflamed and cause diverticulitis. It usually occurs when the colon wall has to squeeze too hard to move the caca along-which is an indication of too little fiber in the diet.

    There's a myth that says nuts can get stuck in little pouches in your colon and cause diverticulitis, but they're innocent. In fact, there's never been a case where nuts have been implicated as the perpetrator. The real culprit is not having enough fiber and water in your diet.
  • Obstructed Diverticula

    Diverticulitis is caused by little sacs, or diverticula, in the intestine that are very swollen or infected, causing abdominal pain. The causes of diverticulitis are still being determined.These small sacs are rarely found in the digestive tract of patients under 40, but become more common as patients age. By age 90, almost everyone has diverticula. These may become infected by trapped objects or feces. Diverticulitis is also more common in patients who are taking drugs that suppress their immune system, because they are at risk for infection. It is believed that people who eat low-fiber diets, do not exercise, and are obese are at higher risk for diverticula, and thus diverticulitis.

    Obstructed Diverticula
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