What is discography?

Discography is a procedure used to diagnose whether your neck or back pain is caused by damaged disks in your spine. A doctor injects x-ray dye into several disks to see whether one or more disks are leaking and causing pain. As each disk is injected, you report to your doctor whether you feel pain and the type and severity of any pain. These descriptions help your doctor diagnose the source of pain.
Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)
Discography may be performed before spinal fusion to help identify the source of pain. Dye is injected into a disk; the amount of dye, pressure required, pain experienced, and an x-ray help determine whether the disk is responsible for lower back pain and other symptoms. Watch the video for more on discography.

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What happens during discography?
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How should I prepare for discography?
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What is the reason for undergoing discography?
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What are the potential benefits of discography?
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