What are the possible complications of discography?

Complications of diskography are rare but can include:
  • Infection of the disk space (fewer than 1 in 400 cases). Despite using antibiotics and careful sterile techniques, there is a small risk of developing an infection in an injected disk. This will be treated with additional antibiotics.
  • Persistent or increased pain. Because the procedure triggers pain to help diagnose its source, you may have increased pain for a time.
  • Allergic reaction or skin irritation. Rarely, patients are allergic to the injected x-ray dye. Others can experience redness or itching at the injection sites.
  • Nerve complications. In very rare cases, the procedure can result in nerve root irritation or injury, or in injection of dye into the sac surrounding the spinal cord. This could result in numbness, pain, or neurological changes.

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