What heart tests may I need before a liver transplant?

You may be required to have a cardiac work-up before your liver transplant to ensure your heart is strong enough to withstand treatment. Testing includes:
  • EKG (echocardiogram) examines your heart's rhythm and rate. EKG uses sound waves to look at your heart's anatomy and assess pressure in the chambers.
  • Stress Testing examines your heart's response to exercise. There are different types of stress tests, some of which require you to walk on a treadmill and others which use medicines to make your heart feel as if it is exercising. Your transplant team will assess which stress testing method is best for you.
  • Cardiac Angiogram may be necessary if your stress test is abnormal or if you have multiple risk factors for coronary artery disease. Dye is injected into your arteries to help identify any abnormalities or blockages in your heart's vessels.

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