Are esophageal ulcers serious?

Jamie McGinn
Nutrition & Dietetics

Esophageal ulcers are serious if left untreated as they increase the risk of developing cancer. It also may be difficult to eat a well-balanced diet, which can cause more health problems. Esophageal ulcers should be treated with medication prescribed by a physician. Also, seeing a Registered Dietitian, can help to eliminate foods that increase these symptoms.

Typically, esophageal ulcers are not serious. When sufferers take their medications as prescribed, the ulcers, unless complicated, heal in a few weeks. However, ulcers can develop complications, causing serious conditions. For instance, ulcers may cause internal bleeding. This type of internal bleeding can cause anemia and may require a transfusion. In addition, some esophageal ulcers may affect surrounding organs, penetrating them. Another complication occurs when scar tissue develops on the esophagus, making digestion difficult.

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