How is unexplained intestinal bleeding diagnosed?

Michael Albertson, MD
Doctors can diagnose unexplained intestinal bleeding in two ways:
  • If your stomach and colon are clear, your intestines can be examined with enteroscopy. In this procedure, a thin tube with a camera on the end is passed through your mouth while you are sedated and into your stomach and small intestine. A scope also can be passed through your rectum to examine your lower intestines.
  • With capsule endoscopy, you can swallow a pill camera, which is a little disposable camera with lights on it. You swallow the pill camera, put on a little vest in the morning and go about your day, and then take the vest back to the doctor in the afternoon. The vest is then attached to a computer. The doctors run the capsule picture series through the computer and can see what's in the small intestine.

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