What about giving my child clear fluids for vomiting?

Clear fluids for bottle-fed babies:

  • Give babies less than 12 months old Lytren, Pedialyte, Liquilyte or
          Infalyte or a less costly store brand.
  • Give babies over 12 months old half-strength Gatorade (half water
          and half Gatorade) to drink if they will not take the Lytren,
          Pedialyte, Liquilyte or Infalyte.
  • Do not use just water for a baby less than 12 month of age unless
          told to do so by your child’s doctor.
  • If your baby takes formula and is taking clear fluids well for 6 to 8
          hours, give him his usual formula just start slowly by giving
          small amounts.

Clear fluids for children older than 12 months:

  • Give your child ¹/з strength Endurance Gatorade (1 cup Endurance
          Gatorade to 2 cups water).
  • OR Give your child ½ strength sports drinks such as Gatorade (half
          sports drink and half water)
  • These drinks should not be used as the only food.
  • If your child does not also have diarrhea, you may give him gelatin,
          Popsicles and frozen, slushy type drinks.

For all babies and children:

  • Do not give diet drinks, fruit juices, carbonated drinks or water.
  • Avoid red colored drinks that may look like blood in the stool.

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