What is the ideal protein diet?

Hello one of the most ideal diets is the one that is tailored to a individuals goals which will determine the amount of protien, carbs, and fat that you intake. A general guidline for protien intake  is 2.8 grams of protien per kilogram of lean body mass.

Good and accurate answers, I am going to tackle exactly what the Ideal Protein diet is.

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I will not get into a debate or discussion on whether this diet is healthy or not but the diet is more extreme.  I even at times when I coach people will limit either their carbs or fats but not both.  The beginning stages of this plan limits both carbs and fats and that is dangerous.  It is mainly a liquid diet in the beginning and after a few weeks more whole foods and carbs are re-introduced.  This type of diet has been around for a very long diet.  It is very similar to the HCG diet.

I understand the theory and have seen it work but honestly whether it is this diet or another it comes down to one thing.  It is a choice by the person whether to live a healthy lifestyle or try for the quick fix.  Does the person decide to change their life, be active, eat a balanced diet or are they always looking for the next best thing.

I do not believe in any fad diets.  I have written several articles on Beliefs vs Habits.  We will always look for the next diet until we change how we think and believe.  The second we change the way we look at food, our life and our fitness the second we will not rely on fads and we will then simply just live a normal healthy life. 

Spend your time not looking for the next thing but instead change your thinking.

The ideal protein diet was developed in the 1990’s by a French physician. The diet uses a combo of soy and whey protein products and a limited carbohydrate intake. The theory is the low carbohydrate diet combined with the high protein intake will decrease insulin levels, increase fat burning while sparing lean body mass. If you’re considering doing this diet first consult your physician or primary medical care specialist to make sure this diet is safe for you.

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