Are there some tips to help slow down an overweight eater?

Yes, there are plenty of things you can do to help slow yourself down when you are eating if you are overweight. The following represents a list of things you can do more effectively manage the your eating behaviors:

1. Drink a glass of water before you have your meal or snack
2. Decide ahead of time how much you are going to eat and when you plan on finishing your meal
3. When out to eat, order your third choice on the menu rather than your firstChew your food thoroughly and slowly
4. Take a pause in between each bite by either setting down your knife and fork or hands
5. Take a sip of water or drink between every two to three bites
6. When out to eat, request a box to go right away and put a certain portion of your food in it to go
7. Enjoy a salad or fruits and vegetables prior to eating your meal
8. Eat every three to four hours to avoid excessive feelings of hunger
9. Make sure you are hydrated throughout the day by drink 96 ounces of water
10. Focus on the taste and texture of your food- appreciating each bite

Start by implementing just one or two of the above mentioned tips in order to avoid feeling overwhelmed and begin feeling successful.

There are a number of things an overweight eater can do to slow down during a meal. One strategy that can help is to put your fork down in between mouthfuls and not pick it up again until you've finished chewing and swallowing that last bite. Additionally, try to take smaller bites each time. This helps prevent adding too much food too quickly. 

Also, try using smaller plates to reduce your serving size from the very beginning of the meal.  In addition to the smaller plates, it can help to have separate dishes for each element of your meal - a vegetable, salad, rice, etc.  Having to select from multiple plates can help slow you down and enjoy your meals more!

One other tip is to take a sip of your water/drink in between bites to stretch out the eating process and help you better digest.  Pacing yourself will allow you to fill up faster and be more comfortable after a meal as well!  Plus, don't wait until you are super hungry to eat - have 4-6 small meals per day and you won't feel ravenous when you sit down to eat.

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