What is tribulus terrestris?

Tribulus terrestris may look like it can do nothing but hurt you, what with its sharp barbs and all. But there are those who claim the noxious weed, which grows in most of the United States, has some properties that are very helpful to the body.

Tribulus terrestris was not always so widespread, but now it grows nearly everywhere, which is good news for those who tout its merits. Though tribulus terrestris's barbed bur may look menacing, like little pieces of barbed wire, many are those who say it functions beyond putting holes in one's skin. Most fitness and health stores sell a supplement derived from extracts of different components contained in the tribulus terrestris plant.

So what can this prickly plant do for you?

The biggest reason people ingest supplements derived from tribulus terrestris is increasing sex drive and muscle mass. Athletes like these supplements for the muscle it purportedly can help build. But beyond these reasons, there are those who consume tribulus terrestris supplements to treat blood pressure troubles, kidney woes and cancer.

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