What is the best supplement for building muscle?

Well the current myth to building muscle is protein overload. However, too much protein can be harmful to your body. Proper exercise and proper nutrition is the best and safest way to increase muscle. Make sure you have enough carbs in your body to support the increased need of energy.

Supplements can help boost your work out or help to repair muscles for growth. Creatine is the current "winner" for muscle increase. I know plenty of people who use a creatine mix and for them it seems to work. Before you take any supplements be sure to consult your physician.
This is one of those open ended questions, because bodies react differently to different supplements. I will not personally promote any product but there are several supplements out there that have proven results. The most important aspect of gaining muscle is proper diet and caloric intake. In order to gain significant muscle mass the body must intake an ample amount of nutrients -- for instance protein. Because proteins are the building blocks of the body, one must give the body what it needs when trying to build muscle. Often we find individuals who are trying to lose weight and gain muscle mass at the same time, this is somewhat of a criss-cross of biological functions. Generally speaking, if you are trying to gain muscle mass you need to keep your caloric/protein intake high while engaged in a muscle building routine. A steady intake of protein through a proper diet should supply the body with enough protein to see results. Many times individuals who are trying to put on muscle mass load up on supplements -- drinking protein shakes, taking amino acids and other various supplements throughout the day not realizing that the body can only process a limited amount of protein at a time. In short, their body flushes the excess protein through their system and releases it as waste. Keep this in mind when taking supplements or you may literally be flushing your hard earned money down the toilet. When involved in a weight loss routine you may want to have a more controlled diet. Remember, in order to lose weight you must burn more calories than you consume.
One of the best supplements to build muscle that has been proven consistent and safe is creatine. The supplement creatine can increase strength, aid in recovery after workouts, and help to increase lean body mass.

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