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What is Enhansa?

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  • Enhansa®, manufactured by Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy, is a dietary supplement that contains enhanced-absorption curcumin as the active ingredient. It is available as capsules or a powder and is designed to be taken once or twice daily.

    Curcumin, the compound responsible for the bright yellow color of turmeric (Curcuma longa), is believed to be the principal pharmacological agent.

    In general, evidence from human and animal studies suggests that curcumin may be poorly absorbed into the bloodstream. The manufacturer claims that Enhansa® may be 7-8 times more absorbable than standard curcumin extracts.

    The manufacturer also claims that curcumin may help treat autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) because it reduces the levels of inflammatory markers and other chemicals usually elevated in such diseases. According to the manufacturer, curcumin may increase levels of glutathione, which may be decreased in people with autism or other developmental disorders.

    A clinical trial published in 2011 found that Enhansa® may improve language, reduce developmental delay issues, increase appetite, calm mood, increase immunologic activity, and significantly elevate blood glutathione levels in individuals with autism spectrum disorder and other cognitive, metabolic, immune, and gastrointestinal problems. However, larger-scale studies are necessary to further evaluate these findings.

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