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What are Hydroxycut's active ingredients?

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  • Hydroxycut may no longer contain ephedra, but it still claims to reduce weight through thermogenisis.

    So what else is in it?

    Besides oodles of caffeine, a lot of other stimulants, including green tea extract, guarana extract and Garcinia cambogia.

    The makers of Hydroxycut have taken a page out of the ancient Chinese medicinal handbook as well as some South American and Indian ones as well. Made from the dried leaves of an evergreen shrub, green tea is high in caffeine content and has been used in China for centuries in ceremonies and to stay awake during lengthy meditations.

    Guarana is also made from a shrub, this one from Venezuela. It has seeds that contain twice as much caffeine as coffee beans. Just to the east of Venezuela, the Brazilians use guarana in cola drinks.

    Large amounts of caffeine raise your body temperature and blood pressure, allowing you to burn more calories.
    But there is another ingredient that may be dangerous.

    Culled from a fruit found in India that resembles a small pumpkin, garcinia cambogia's rind contains hydroxcitirc acid (HCA). In theory, HCA inhibits an enzyme that turns additional carbohydrates into fat. Consumer Reports indicate that HCA could be to blame for serious liver-related health problems.
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