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What supplements can I take daily to promote good health?

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    This is Dr. Oz’s list of critical vitamins that every woman should be taking. Visit his website for more information:  http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/critical-vitamins-every-woman  

    A multivitamin - Multivitamins fulfill your nutritional needs for the day. Take half in the morning and half at night. Multivitamins contain:
    • Vitamin A - critical for healthy vision and skin
    • Vitamin B - a metabolism booster
    • Vitamin C - keeps your immune system strong, especially important during cold and flu season.
    • Vitamin D - promotes healthy bones (and your immune system)
    • Vitamin E - for healthy development of muscles and brain function
    Additional Vitamin D - Dr. Oz recommends taking additional vitamin D

    Omega 3s - To keep your brain, heart and eyes healthy, take Omega 3s every day. For women, the daily dose of Omega 3s is 1000 mg; for men, the dosage is 600 mg.
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