Can probiotics help keep my children healthy this winter?

Dr. Robin Miller, MD
Internal Medicine

Recent studies have shown that when probiotics are given to children twice daily, they had 59% fewer runny noses, 62% fewer coughing episodes and 72% fewer fevers. Watch this video to learn more from Dr. Robin Miller about probiotics.

There is some evidence that probiotics, which are helpful or friendly bacteria, may help keep kids healthy in winter by preventing colds or reducing their severity, but more study is needed to support this idea and the safety of long-term use.

Meanwhile, researchers have found other probiotic benefits for healthy kids. For instance, some studies have shown that probiotic supplements may shorten a bout of mild to moderate infectious diarrhea.

More research in children is needed before pediatricians start recommending a daily dose of probiotics. For one thing, doctors are not yet certain what is the safest and most effective type to give to children.

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