What should I know before taking Multitrace 5 Concentrate?

Before taking Multitrace 5 Concentrate, you should know that certain people could be at greater risk for reactions to the elements it contains.

In the majority of people, the amount of copper and manganese in Multitrace 5 Concentrate is the appropriate amount that your body needs. Any extra is removed from your body by the liver. However, in people with liver problems or problems with their bile ducts, there can be a toxic buildup of these metals. Some of the symptoms of copper toxicity are a change in behavior, diarrhea, loss of muscle tone, sensitivity to light, weight loss, swelling of the legs and arms and prostration. Although it is possible to have a buildup of manganese, toxicity has not been reported.

Selenium, zinc and chromium can be toxic in large enough amounts. However, toxicity has not been seen as a result of administration of Multitrace 5 Concentrate. Speak to your doctor or your loved one's doctor (if you are a caretaker) if you have any concerns. This product may be used very cautiously or not at all in pregnant women.

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