How does conventional medicine perceive nutritional supplements?

Dr. Robin Miller, MD
Internal Medicine
I believe there is a bias in conventional medicine against nutritional supplements. Part of the reason for this is the fact that supplements are not regulated by the FDA so it is often hard to know the quality and quantity of each supplement. In addition, conventional physicians like to see extensive scientific evidence when it comes to supplements that their patients use and often that evidence is not available. 

However, there are some supplements that are making their way to conventional medicine. For example fish oil is recommended by the American Heart Association for heart health. SamE was studied by researchers at Harvard and found to be helpful in depression. Coenzyme Q10 is recommended by many mainstream physicians to help protect the muscles of patients taking statin drugs.

Despite the bias, there are supplements that will become part of conventional medicine as they continue to be studied.
William Wien
William Wien on behalf of MDLIVE
Family Medicine
The answer to this is mixed. While many types of mega-vitamin therapy are viewed as useless to potentially harmful, many vitamins are used to both ensure optimal health and treat or prevent disease. Examples include vitamin D to promote bone health, vitamins C and E as part of retinal health regimen, and vitamin B6 to both treat and prevent nerve damage.

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