What are some results of vitamin deficiencies?

Dr. David L. Katz, MD, MPH
Preventive Medicine
In today's world of fortified foods, vitamin deficiencies are less common than they used to be -- but shortages still exist. In this video, I will describe some of the problems that can result from vitamin shortfalls.

The following are some results of vitamin deficiencies:

Vitamin A: Night blindness, poor growth, reproduction problems, dry skin
Vitamin D: decreased bone mass, rickets
Vitamin E: (rare) low birth weight, problems absorbing fat
Vitamin K: (rare) problems with blood clotting
Vitamin B6: convulsions, depression, nausea, greasy, flaky skin
Folic Acid: impairs growth, anemia
Vitamin B12: anemia, fatigue, nerve damage (strict vegetarians are at risk)
Vitamin C: scurvy

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(This answer provided for NATA by Loni L. Wiley, MS, ATC, LAT.)

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