5 Ways to Have a Healthy Pancreas

It's relatively rare but, unfortunately, often fatal. We're talking about pancreatic cancer. The good news? Scientists have pinpointed five key ways to reduce risk.

The list contains some of the usual good choices: Exercise, lose the spare tire, and ditch the booze and the cigarettes. But here's the twist: Eat like a Greek. Adding a Mediterranean-style diet to the lineup cuts the risk of pancreatic cancer by more than half.

5-Star Pancreas Protection
Adopting even just a few of these five habits can help diminish your risk. Quitting smoking and reducing belly fat seem to be particularly helpful when it comes to skirting this disease. But the healthy people in a study who adhered to all five lifestyle factors—versus none—had the biggest benefit: a 58 percent lower chance of developing pancreatic cancer.

More About Mediterranean
If you can't seem to stick to all five health habits, at least pick a couple to adopt, and be faithful. And if you add a Mediterranean diet to the mix—one that emphasizes fruit, veggies, and beans along with healthy fats from fish and nuts—you'll not only help protect your pancreas but also enjoy these health benefits, too:

Discover why your pancreas loves guacamole.