What should I do if I decide to stop dialysis treatment?

If you decide to stop dialysis treatment, you or your surrogate may want to make sure the following items are in order:
  • Your will
  • Signed advance directive (living will, durable healthcare power of attorney or healthcare proxy) complying with your state law
  • A durable power of attorney, complying with your state law, naming someone to act on your behalf on all matters other than medical (e.g., legal, financial, banking and business matters). Your power of attorney must be a durable one in order to stay in effect even if you become unable to make your own decisions or if you die.
  • An inventory, including the location of your bank, brokerage and other financial accounts, stock and bond holdings, real estate and business records, medical and other insurance policies, pension plans and other legal papers
  • Names, addresses and telephone numbers of your attorney, accountant, family members and other loved ones, friends and business associates who should be notified of your death or who may have information that will be helpful in dealing with estate affairs
  • A statement about your preference for funeral/memorial services, burial or cremation instructions and decisions about organ and tissue donation
  • Written, video- or audio-taped message to family members and other loved ones, business associates and friends

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